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Optimizing Microbial In Bioremediation





Hedi Hastriawan

Department of Mining Engineering Faculty of Engineering Sriwijaya University

Jl.Palembang-Prabumulih Km 32 Ogan Ilir 30662 Telp. (0711) 580069

E-mail: hedihastriawan@ymail.com



Acid mine drainage is a waste liquid that is caused when certain sulfide minerals in the rocks are exposed to conditions where there is water and oxygen (as a major factor) that cause oxidation and water to produce acidic conditions. As for places that could potentially generate acid mine drainage is a land that remains (below the mineral deposit), overburden pill (piles of rock layers above the mineral deposit), stock pill (stacks of minerals), purification facilities, washing, waste coal, and mud tailling. Impact caused by acid mine drainage are among other soil and environmental pollution, danger for humans living, animals and plants, affecting water quality, accelerated corrosion of heavy equipment made of metal and others.For solution to finishing the acid mine drainage problem, we need a method that is more social and friendlier to the environment, so it has no adverse impact on the environment and the community of living things and growing sector in the area. Utilization of microbial bioremediation techniques is one alternative that can be used as acid mine drainage mitigation factors in addition to using the method of calcification as has been done by many mining companies over the years. Using microbial bioremediation techniques to be able to separate these acids and metals contained in acid mine drainage. Bioremediation technology in dealing with acid mine drainage and metal weight dissolved mainly from coal mining with rely on the activity of sulfate reducing bacteria including various Orientis ICBB 1204 Desulfotomaculum, Desulfotomaculum sp ICBB ICBB 8815 and 8818 that converts sulfate in acid mine water into hydrogen sulfide and then reacts with heavy metals. After the reaction happening, pH (acidity) of acid mine water that originally ranged from 2-3 to increase close to neutral (6-7). While the heavy metals contained acid mine drainage precipitate. From the research Santosa (2009) for nine years acquired technology that can increase the pH to neutral and lower concentrations of various heavy metals such as Cr, Pb and Cd. This technology is efficient, because it only costs 1/10 of a conventional acidic water handling costs.


Key Note: Bioremediation, Microbial, Acid Mine Drainage (AMD).


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